Monday, 29 December 2008


Is'nt she gorgeous the BLONDE curls the chubby cheeks she's daddy's girl

Owen and imogen opening thier presents well i should say Owen opening his and Imogen presents.Imogen got a PINK PONY ,animal zoo train her favourite cbeebies character Peppa pig books and many more presents to remember.Owen got many too he got a shake and race track set fire engine of Grandad a Thomas the tank computer and a shop and till set or least I forget his Ben 10 watch.Ryan got a ipod touch 8gb smellies and clothes, a few Dvd's and XBox games.Sam got a mountain bike, clothes,XBox games and smellies.Joanna got some smellies one being Katie Price perfume which i bought her I'm hoping that it turns her in to Katie Price aka Jordan, I also bought wool coat overall a good xmas

Owen's impression of Shrek

newly decorated living room

who'd live in a house like this?
here's the new setteewho be mad enough to decorate before xmas only the fell's would be

here's the new telly and feature wall as joanna calls it"I thought you had no money." baz would say.Well to answer your question baz or anybody else joanna's tights have many functions