Friday, 25 July 2008

brother and sissy

brother and sisterly love

Sunday, 20 July 2008

holywell park

lee and sam the next senna and prost

padstow cornwall

We spent a day in this beautiful fishing town.Here is where the famous Rick Stein resturants are and fish and chip shop is were you can take away or eat in we decided to eat in ,tell what you'll never taste finer fish.This is imogen and owen in the park


This was at paradise park Sam and Owen loved it they have these vertical drop slides which are about 30 ft tall here some pictures of sam and owen on them

paradise park 2008

Owen feeding a Austrialian paraquet we all had a go at feeding the birds what you do is you get a tub of nectar and put your arm out and the paraquets land on your arm and feed on the nectar.OWEN TRIED TO GRAB ONE ,IT BIT HIM NASTY LITTLE BUGGERS thats the birds not Owen

This is a great place to go and fun for all the family,lots of things to do and see.They have a bird of prey show which is impressive we missed it this year but we saw the show last year

more of perranporth beach

Owen laughing at lee getting changed .I wonder what he's laughing at?


This was one of the better days ,so we made most of the opputuinty and spent the day on the beach.Owen enjojoyed collecting rocks and stones then lobbing them into the water.Imogen mostly slept in the beach tent but when she woke up she enjoyed the beach and playing in the sand.Sam and lee enjoyed bodyboarding, Sam also hired a surf board and tried surfing while joanna lapped up the sun.Owen tried tennis and i can see the next wimbledon champion not

perranporth cornwall 2008 holiday

This is Owen on the beach in perranporth we asked "how big was the fish you caught" he said "This big"

peranporth 2008

This is Perranporth where we like to spend our holidays at this is the beach we go to and bodyboard and surf.